Member's Area Log in Page 

Can you help?  We need someone, a person or a meeting group to send out our magazine 3 times a year

See the job description here

Member's Area

This is the log in for the general members area.  This area is available to magazine subscribers and meeting first and second contacts.  If you are a meeting contact but not a personal subscriber you should be able to log in but may need to set a password the first time.  Any problems please email the IT Co-ordinator.


Meeting Log in

Use the log in button on your Meeting entry in the Meeting Directory.  Or use this link These are for first contacts only and are for the administration of the meeting record.  

Within our Member's Area you will be able to:

  • Edit your profile and account settings.  
  • Join our Member's Directory.  
  • Contact members
  • Read and participate in our Forum discussion groups.
  • Access our Archives
  • See what help is needed for the various jobs that need doing to keep the show on the road.
  • Access other information and resources only available to Members - a work in progress.


We hope you will visit the area and welcome all comments and suggestions for additional resources.

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